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Train Hospice Volunteers

We developed our system of training materials to offer flexible solutions to meet the needs of both large and small Medicare certified hospice programs.

We offer a SYSTEM of study materials developed specifically for hospice volunteers, and designed to complement and work with your training processes.

Our Hospice Volunteer Training curriculum has been available nationwide since 2007.

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BENEFITS:  Ready... Set... Go...

Consistent, easy to follow core training:  By taking advantage of current technology, the hospice insures that all volunteers receive consistent and well presented information - a good FOUNDATION.  (Your staff may be fantastic, but they may not be good teachers.)   Our volunteer training is to the point, clear and concise.  The DVD’s, Manuals and On-Line segments present the same information, so feel free to use any of these learning tools to match the learning style and needs of your program and your volunteers

Not ready to incorporate independent study?  Our DVD videos can be shown in class, followed by discussion & interactive activities.  The Portal or DVD’s can also be used for make up classes, when volunteers miss a session.  The Workbook coordinates with all formats.  It can be used as a resource for the volunteer as well as providing excellent competency evaluation documentation - whether the hospice offers self-study or classroom training.

Saves money: Independent study is not only effective and convenient, but an economical approach to core training.  The savings are significant when compared to small class sizes engaged in classroom study.  If using the DVD’s in class, you are still saving valuable staff time by allowing the Series to present the foundational information.  You build upon this foundation, allowing your Team to spend less time in class, but accomplish the same outcome - volunteers prepared to serve.  Download our cost analysis form:  CostAnalysis.Hospice.pdf   (See all our prices on the Prices page.)

Time efficient & effective segments:  The volunteer chooses when to watch the training segments on their home DVD player or computer.  For persons who may not own a player or have internet access, consider purchasing a loaner Manual for them to read,  or allow the volunteer to watch the segments on your office TV at times that are convenient for them.  Your volunteers will appreciate your flexibility and volunteer friendly attitude. 

Meet MEDICARE standards:  Simple and easy way to insure that all volunteers receive the same training on subjects needed to fulfill Medicare standards.

Competency Evaluation & Documentation: Our WORKBOOK contains Competency Quizzes & Reflection Questions for each topic.  Our Volunteer REVIEW in 11x17 format, is designed to be used as an annual competency review tool.  A new edition is available yearly.

Self-contained and ready to go:  Keep your volunteer training supplies ready to go in our Tote Bag.

Independent study as assessment tool:  A potential volunteer’s success with self-study is a strong indicator as to their ability to follow through and perform volunteer duties independently

Volunteers begin their training immediately:  No more waiting until the next training class and hoping the volunteer is still interested in your program.

On-going and on-demand training:  Implementing “on-demand” training results in new volunteers continually beginning their volunteer roles.

Staff remain focused on client care:  Patient care is a priority as staff are free from numerous hours of volunteer training.

Recruitment tool:  In order to attract younger, busier volunteers, hospices must find flexible ways to get them trained.  Independent study as a portion of the training process helps meet that need.

Convenient and thorough for the volunteer:  No more travel time; gas expense and juggling class, family and work if a new volunteer can cover one part of their orientation as self-study.

Building strong volunteer relationships:  Allow our independent study program to cover the core information - the FOUNDATION.  You then build upon that information through discussion, role playing, mentoring, stories, and examples through face to face interaction individually or in small groups.  With the right community building activities and motivational experiences, you can spend less face-to-face time with the volunteer, yet build strong and enduring relationships because you are focused on doing just that, rather than trying to cover large quantities of core information.  Let our program open more opportunities for getting to know the volunteer.

Do you have required numbers of hours for volunteer training?  Our program can cover many of those hours.  The 16 video instructional segments (DVD or On-Line) are 5.5 hours.  The student Workbook contains competencies for each segment.  If the volunteer spends 20 minutes completing the competencies for all 16 of the segments, they will spend about 5.3 hours engaged in this part of the learning process.   5.5 hours viewing time plus 5.3 hours completing the competencies results in about 10.8 hours of engagement.

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