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About - Pat Carver, M.S.

Name: Patricia (Pat) Carver


  • University of Alabama
  • University of Missouri
  • Central Missouri University
  • Master of Science:  Social Gerontology

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Pat Carver, Creator of the Hospice Volunteer Trainng Series

How did the Hospice Volunteer Training Series come to be developed?

After 20+ years as a professional photographer, Pat Carver returned to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Social Gerontology.  She had been intrigued by the challenges and beauty of aging while volunteering her photography skills for a non-profit adult day health center in Chico, CA.  (As a side note, after moving away from Chico for 11 years, she and her husband returned to Chico and Pat served on the Board of that inspiring center from 2007 - 2014).   Peg Taylor Center for Adult Day Health Care   In 2014, Pat and her husband moved from Chico to Discovery Bay, CA, and in 2018, they moved to Richmond, across the Bay from San Francisco and five miles from their son's family.

With her new degree came an opportunity to work in a retirement community as part of the Director’s Leadership Team.  During this time, the non-profit community became determined to establish their own hospice.  Pat was part of the hospice development team... reading regulations, editing policy and becoming familiar from the inside out with the volunteer management and training process.  A new hospice was founded and in Pat’s mind, an idea began to emerge for consistent, flexible and more economical ways to recruit and train volunteers.

Combining a unique knowledge base, Pat set out on her own and began a labor of love... writing a volunteer training manual based upon Medicare requirements in a conversational manner that she would later record and produce in a movie DVD format.  Incorporating her own photography with informational key points, she has created an independent study program that covers with sensitivity, information volunteers need to understand before beginning their hospice journey.  Through the use of new, innovative technology, she has developed a program that takes hospice volunteer training into the 21st century.  Not a fast paced thriller, Pat’s slight Southern drawl and photographs from around the world, help make subjects such as ‘Death and Dying’, ‘Infection Control’ and ‘Grief and Loss’ approachable and understandable.  She has taken difficult subject matter, broken it down and made it simple enough for adults of any educational or occupational background to grasp, while maintaining the integrity of the information.  The topics are covered individually and thoroughly, providing good introductory core information.

Pat is always open to new ideas and new approaches for tackling the challenges of business and life.  Not content with just her core training materials, she has added a student Workbook to the training program as well as a Volunteer Review for evaluating competency, with a new  Review edition available annually.  The On-line Training Portal was added in January 2010.  This provides yet another option for presenting the core information.  Whether using the DVD’s, reading the full text Manual or watching the videos on-line, the hospice is assured that each volunteer receives the same core information as the first step in their training process.  The Core Training materials along with the Workbooks and annual Volunteer Review provide a SYSTEM for volunteer success.

2014 brought another addition to the Training Series - Bereavement Training for Hospice Volunteers, hosted on a new  E-Learning Portal in order to incorporate on-line quizzes and a downloadable certificate of completion.  In 2015, the Non-Patient Administrative Volunteer Training was added to the E-Learning Portal.  In 2016, the full Training Series was made available on the E-Learning Portal.  In 2017, a selection of 3 In-Service Courses was added to the E-Learning Portal.  Since then, she has created courses on Abuse, Boundaries, and Vigil/11th Hour Training.

Back in 2007, Pat was the first to suggest that volunteers could engage in part of the volunteer training at home on their own time, by checking out the DVD Set in a Tote Bag.  At the time it was a novel idea.  Now, universities and colleges around the world have begun to offer new paths of learning for today’s adults.  New technology and self-study are the core of these paths.  We believe future hospice volunteers will come to expect flexibility in their training and hope that this new Series will meet that need, benefiting both the hospice and the volunteer.

On-line Training provides the foundation, but it is still important for Volunteer Coordinators to meet with their new recruits either individually or in small groups for follow up experiences and to build upon the foundational information with hospice specific information and protocls.

The COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 has brought an increased need for self-study experiences at all educational levels.  Pre-school children to students pursuing advanced degrees are now engaged in on-line study and video conference meetings.  Hospice Volunteer programs can make the most of this time by incorporating on-line learning with follow up video meetings as well as individual or small groups practicing distancing and other safety measures.

Hospice volunteers appreciate flexibility, consistency and organizations that embrace user friendly training techniques.  We invite you to view our program and envision how your hospice might implement our materials into a complete and custom training process.

The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

New Volunteer Orientation   *  Annual Review  *  Bereavement  * Vigil  * Abuse * Boundaries * In-Services

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