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 A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - On-Line & In Class

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Locate the correct PORTAL for your assignment: (Video Portal OR E-Learning Portal)


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You will have a 5 Letter KEY

Your email address will pair with the 5 LETTER KEY.  Enter your email address correctly the first time you log in!  Enter it exactly the same each time you log in.



Quick link to: ANY E-Learning Course / Portal

You will have a course access code consisting of Letters & Numbers


  • Register as a new USER & set up a User Name & Password.   Please be sure and write down your User Name & Password.
  • Enter the Access/Organization CODE provided by your hospice as part of the registration process.
  • To log in later - enter your User Name and password.  Please do not register more than one time.
  • You MUST begin with the Welcome segment if your assignment includes multiple Course segments.



any E-Learning Portal

If you are logged in to a Portal and a segment fails to launch or play, please click here to reach our HELP PAGE.

If your E-Learning Course includes several segments, you MUST begin with Part 1, the Welcome segment before you can proceed to other segments.

Also, the very last segment is locked until all previous segments have been completed.  This final segment will generate a Certificate of Completion representing the entire Course Series.


  • It is suggested that you have a fast Internet connection when viewing on-line video.  (Broadband, DSL, Cable)
  • We have attempted to make the Training Portals as fail-safe as possible!   However, any on-line connections are subject to interruptions.  Please bear with us if you encounter a problem.
  • Portal Trouble Shooting:
  • Browsers must allow pop ups and cookies.
  •  If a Course fails to launch, be sure and enable Pop-ups & Cookies.
  • If you are using Chrome and a course fails to launch, you may have add ons that are blocking the launch.  With Chrome open, go to File.  Use the drop down menu to click on New Incognito Window.  This blocks any add ons, allowing e-learning courses to launch in a new Chrome window.
  • Courses launch in a new window, requiring Pop-ups to be enabled.
  • If you are unsure how to do this, try a different browser or go to our  Portal HELP PAGE for information on:  Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Firefox.
  • Tablet Users - Some models have 2 audio volume controls.  One is for system based beeps, etc.  The other volume control is for media.  The media volume control must be up in order to hear the Training Segments.
  • If you have trouble, try a different browser.

Welcome to our On-Line Training Portals -

  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hospice Volunteer or increasing your level of understanding regarding Hospice and its services.  Your hospice is providing access to an On-Line Training Portal, saving you valuable time and allowing you to engage in part of your training at times that are convenient for you!
  • Please keep in mind that these are educational segments covering sensitive information, not fast paced thrillers!  They may move slowly for some people and just right for others…..  but either way, they are more convenient than driving to and sitting in hours of classroom lecture!  Plus, there is no risk of the instructor failing to cover the needed information or persons with off the subject questions hogging valuable class time.  You will be exposed to a LOT of information in a relatively short period of time.
  • At some point you will participate in face to face training experiences.  The Portal will provide the basic information that is the foundation of your training.  You will apply the information presented here through role playing & other interactive type experiences as well as discussion.  Consider this the foundational experience needed in order to thoroughly prepare for your face to face time.
  • You are about to begin an exciting opportunity to serve persons of your community or you may be increasing your level of service.  Either way, we hope our On-Line Portal will make it easier and more convenient for you to understand important concepts related to serving as a Volunteer with your local Hospice.

The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

New Volunteer Orientation   *  Annual Review  *  Bereavement  * Vigil  * Abuse * Boundaries * In-Services

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