The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver

 A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - On-Line & In Class

New Volunteer Orientation * In-Services * Administrative & Bereavement Training

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Updated 6.21

Classroom Set, Hospice Volunteer Training Series, Workbooks, Manual, DVD Set, produced by Pat Carver Media

Classroom Set

Blue Workbooks to go with DVD Set

On-Line Set

with E-Learning Access & Booklets

On-Line Set Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver Media contains Manual, Portal KEYS and Workbooks

On-Line Set

with Video Portal KEYS & Workbooks



 Access & Booklet


Special Order Items are not listed on the Order Form.  Call if you are interested in these products:

  • Spanish Workbook
  • Spanish Manual

Spanish Workbook

Spanish Manual

Workbooks for Hospice Volunteers, a resource & competencies. Accompanies Hospice Volunteer Training Series on-line or on DVD. Pat Carver Media
Annual competency check for active volunteers produced by Pat Carver Media, as part of the Hospice Volunteer Training Series
Hospice Volunteer Training Series Manual produced by Pat Carver Media. Full text of narration from the Training Series video on-line & on DVD
Workbook & Portal KEY combination enabling hospice volunteers to go part of their new volunteer orientation independently, produced by Pat Carve


Accompanies DVDs or Video Portal

Video Portal  Student Pairs  Workbook/KEY

Vol Reviews

On-line & Hard copy editions

Bereavement Leader's Guide


Full Text

On-Line + Resource Booklet for volunteers who do not wish to have direct contact with patients.

 Non-Patient Contact/ADMIN Vol Training (Portal Access + Resource Booklet)

Management Tool for E-Learning Portals:   Allows Volunteer Coordinators to track student progress & create reports to view remaining subscription credits & Course completions by student.

Allows Volunteer Coordinators to access certain function within the Poral for reporting and tracking vounteer progress.

We offer multiple formats for training, including our original Video Portal and new E-Learning Portal with on-line quizzes


Unused Video Portal Keys and E-Learning credits expire 1 year from time of purchase.

Bereavement,  Abuse & Boundaries Courses

On-Line Access,  Quizzes, Outline and Certificate







11th Hour/Vigil


On-Line Access,  Quizzes, Outline and Certificate

The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

New Volunteer Orientation   *  Annual Review  *  Bereavement  * Vigil  * Abuse * Boundaries * In-Services

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