The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver

 A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - On-Line & In Class

New Volunteer Orientation * In-Services * Administrative & Bereavement Training

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Hospice Volunteer Training Resources - Our SYSTEM includes resources developed specifically for hospice volunteers.  We call it volunteer appropriate information.

  • New Volunteer Orientation - Multiple formats available:  DVD, Video Portal, E-Learning Portal
  • Non-Patient Contact/Administrative Volunteer Training
  • Bereavement Training for Volunteers
  • On-Line In-Services hosted on our E-Learning Portal
  • Annual Volunteer Review - new edition produced each year
  • Subscription program for In-Services & E-Learning format of the full Training Series.
  • Abuse & Boundaries Courses
  • 11th Hour/Vigil Course


Your hospice builds upon our foundational information with interactive & relationship building activities.

Download a PDF that lists many of the topics covered in our Training Series.

VOL Training






Student Books

VOL Review

MGMT Access

Vigil &


Abuse  &



New Volunteer Orientation:  Sixteen Titles available on DVD Set, Video Portal & E-Learning Portal.

Segment Titles: Welcome, Mission, Hospice History, Confidentiality/HIPAA, Volunteer Information, Care & Comfort, Death & Dying, Grief & Loss, Patient Rights, Communication, Nursing Homes, Spirituality & Spiritual Care, Safety & Infection Control, Family, Ethics, Alzheimer’s Disease

  • 5.5 hours of instructional information make up the core of our hospice volunteer training.
  • On-Line Training - 2 Portals to choose from.
    • Our Video Portal Pair is the original Portal #1.  The Hospice purchases Portal KEYS for students to access the Portal.   A KEY (license) is purchased for each volunteer to personally access the video on their home computer.  Portal access pairs with a Blue Student Workbook containing competencies and serving as a resource for the volunteer to keep.
    • Video Portal available as an On-Line Student Pair - Access plus blue student Workbook (discounted and best value) or you may purchase access only.  Volume Discount available for 30+ Student Pairs.
    • E-Learning Portal Student Pair - This Portal not only presents the foundational information, but also incorporates the competency quizzes into the On-Line experience.  Additionally, students will receive emails from the Learning System regarding their Course completions, including their quiz scores.  Students may also download and print a Certificate of Completion for each topic as well as the full Series.  The Hospice purchases Access to the Portal, plus the Green Volunteer Booklet to be kept by the volunteer as a resource.
    • E-Learning Portal is available as an E-learning Student Pair - Access plus green student Book (discounted)  or you may purchase access only.  Volume Discount available for 30+ Student Pairs.
    • E-Learning Annual Subscription - Discounted option to train up to 35 students within 12 months with on-line access only.  (no student Book).
    • When using the E-Learning Portal, Volunteer Coordinators have the option to receive system generated emails and reports related to his/her students.  See TAB labeled MGMT ACCESS
  • Segments get right to the point
  • No wasted time for the volunteer or the hospice
  • No snacks &/or meals to provide for this portion of your training process
  • No wandering instructors - consistent information for everyone whether using the DVD Set in class or allowing students to view one of the Portals at home.
  • Straight forward information prepares each volunteer consistently for your follow up training experiences



Non-Patient Care/Administrative Volunteer Training

Not every volunteer desires to work directly with patients and families.  We have created a Training designed specifically for those that wish to work in the office, provide crafts, do fund raising or any other non-patient contact role.


The Course is available on our E-Learning Portal and includes a hard copy Resource Booklet, on-line quizzes and certificates of completion for the topics included in the Course.


The Course is also available with on-line access only - no student book.


Topics include:





Volunteer Information as related to non-patient contact roles

On-Line + Resource Booklet for volunteers who do not wish to have direct contact with patients.

On-Line Course + Resource Booklet

Approximately 81 minutes viewing time + On-line Quizzes & short answer Reflection Questions.


Coordinators are expected to follow up with the new volunteer to insure they understand the concepts, as well as discuss and present any additional information to meet their standards.

Bereavement Care for Hospice Volunteers  - Leader's Guide

Hospice Volunteers wishing to work with Bereavement Teams require additional training beyond New Volunteer Orientation.

Our E-Learning Course can provide the foundational information needed prior to your follow-up learning experiences - preparing them to serve with your Hospice’s Bereavement Team.

This Course is available On-Line with integrated Competencies and a printable Certificate of Completion.

The Leader's Guide is a hard copy resource of the Course content and should be kept in the hospice office as a reference and resource when meeting with students who have completed the Course on-line.

Because persons who train for bereavement work are already active volunteers, there is not separate student Booklet.  Students are able to download a Course Resource/Outline on-line and will receive an email with their Quiz score and link to download a Certificate of Completion.

In-Services are available on our E-Learning Portal.  Hospices may purchase access for any number of students and may select from 1 to 3 Courses for their volunteers.  Credits do not expire, carrying over from year to year.



  • Dementia
  • Safety/Infection Control
  • Confidentiality
  • Bereavement
  • 11th Hour/Vigil
  • Abuse
  • Boundaries


Each Course includes an on-line True/False quiz.  Once completed the student will receive an email with their quiz score and are able to download a Certificate of Completion for the Course.  An on-line Resource is available for download.  The Resource includes a listing of the quiz questions as well as an outline of the Course.


In-Services are also available as a Subscription Program. The In-Service Subscription is a discounted option.  It allows 50 volunteers to access your choice of 1, 2, or all 3 In-Service Courses.  The Subscription is for 12 months, with unused credits expiring at the end of the 12 month period.  At time of purchasing the subscription, additional student accesses can be purchased.

Manual - Full Text of New Volunteer Orientation - The Hospice Volunteer Training Series

  • A written copy of the curriculum as presented in the training segments
  • Soft vinyl cover - protects Manual
  • Beautifully bound, flexible & strong
  • Staff members use the Manual for reference & in preparation for follow up sessions.
  • May be loaned to volunteers who wish to read the training.
  • Excellent resource to keep in the office - easy for surveyors to read or skim the core content.
  • Call if you are interested in the Spanish edition.
Hospice Volunteer Training Series Manual produced by Pat Carver Media. Full text of narration from the Training Series video on-line & on DVD

Printed materials contain a watermark as a reminder they are not to be copied or duplicated.

Blue Student Workbook

  • Accompanies training when using the DVD Set or Video Portal
  • A professional RESOURCE for the volunteer
  • DOCUMENTATION for the Hospice
  • Beautiful flexible binding, opens flat & bends back
  • Includes key points from video
  • Follows sequence of video
  • Space for notes
  • Competency Quizzes
  • Reflection Questions
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Quizzes, Reflections & Certificate pull out cleanly with laser cut paper for easy filing
  • Easy to read type
  • Designed for the volunteer to keep
  • Call if you are interested in Spanish or Large Print editions.

Printed materials contain a watermark as a reminder they are not to be copied or duplicated.

Open pages of Hospice Volunteer Training Series Workbook

Green Volunteer Booklet

  • Accompanies E-Learning Portal for Hospice Volunteer Training Series
  • Same features as the Blue Student Workbook, but without the pull out competency pages.
  • Quiz questions are answered on-line, but the Booklet includes a listing of quiz questions as a reference.
  • Short answer Reflection questions are to be typed or written on a separate paper to be turned in for documentation.

Gray Student Resource

  • Accompanies the Administrative Volunteer Training on the E-Learning Portal.  Includes topics covered in the ADMIN Course.
  • Same features as the Green Volunteer Booklet
Workbooks for Hospice Volunteers, a resource & competencies. Accompanies Hospice Volunteer Training Series on-line or on DVD. Pat Carver Media
On-Line + Resource Booklet for volunteers who do not wish to have direct contact with patients.

Volunteer Review - Hard copy & new On-Line Edition

  • On-line edition - hosted on our e-learning portal.  The system scores the Review & provides a downloadable Certificate.
  • Hard copy edition - 11x17 newsletter format in color on nice weight paper.
  • Designed as an annual competency evaluation tool.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Multiple choice, True/False & short Essay questions in a professional colorful format.
  • A new edition will be available each year in both formats - new questions, new color & new order of topics.
  • Ideal for annual review as well as anytime a volunteer needs a competency evaluation.
  • May also be used for pre or post training OR when re-activating volunteers.
  • Answer sheet allows coordinator to easily see which topics are being missed, and allows the Review to help analyze needs for in-service topics.
  • Short essay questions are designed as part of the coordinators’ plan for retention - allowing the volunteers to express their needs, joys and frustrations.
  • Referrals are encouraged as part of the annual review.
Annual competency check for active volunteers produced by Pat Carver Media, as part of the Hospice Volunteer Training Series

Management Access for Volunteer Coordinators Available for all E-Learning Portals


Volunteer Coordinators may purchase access to these Portals in order to track volunteer progress and run reports related to their volunteers and subscription credits.


Annual Access Fee includes all E-Learning Courses.


Management Access is NOT available for the Video Portal.

Allows Volunteer Coordinators to access certain function within the Poral for reporting and tracking vounteer progress.

11th Hour/Vigil Training for Hospice Volunteers


This Course is designed to provide initial training for persons interested in serving as a vigil volunteer.


The Course is also available as an in-service.



Tuck-in Training


Designed to be used as an in-service or as an introductory course for persons interested in serving as a Tuck-in volunteer.

Abuse Course - Designed as an annual in-service option or as a stand alone course.  Hosted on the e-learning portal, this course includes competencies as part of the on-line experience, as well as a certificate of completion that can be downloaded.


Boundaries Course - Designed as an annual in-service option or as a stand alone course.  Hosted on the e-learning portal, this course includes competencies as part of the on-line experience, as well as a certificate of completion that can be downloaded.

READY - One approach to allowing volunteers to begin their training with independent study:

As soon as someone expresses an interest in becoming a hospice volunteer, you are ready!  No more hoping that the volunteer will wait for the next set of training classes if you allow volunteers to begin their training through independent study using our learning system.


Set the volunteer up with the On-Line Access and their hard copy resource to begin their personalized volunteer training program.  Or, some people may wish to read the full text Manual.  Keep in touch by phone, e-mail or face to face visits.  File their competency quizzes and reflections.  Meet with the volunteer individually or in small groups to cover your hospice’s history, record keeping and other specialized information.  Build upon the core information covered in the DVD or on-line training to meet your standards and use the face to face time to build relationships, motivate, discuss, role play and develop that all important sense of belonging.


Once the volunteer has finished the independent study program and any additional requirements to meet your particular standards, complete the final interview process.  Give them their first assignment and they are ready to GO!


The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

New Volunteer Orientation   *  Annual Review  *  Bereavement  * Vigil  * Abuse * Boundaries * In-Services

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