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Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan

Jan 2008:  The response from the pilot training program was good.  Most of the “graduates” have been in the field for 6 weeks now and are doing well with client contacts.  I give your training program a gold star!!!  It allows me the flexibility to offer so many more classes.

DEC 2008:  We really love the Workbook!

FEB 2009:  When a product works well....we need to share!

DEC 2010:  End of year order for Workbooks!

2011:  Still working well with a cost savings.

2012:  Leanne has left the organization.  They continue to use our Training Series.

2013:  Updated original DVD Sets to the new edition.

2014:  Still training new volunteers

2015:  Still using our resources

2017:  Still training new volunteers

2018:  Using both E-Learning & Video Portals

2020:  Using the e-learning portal

2023:  Now CentricaCare - using the E-learning portal

From Robin, Volunteer Coordinator, OR

 ... Also the new volunteers really loved your On-Line training.

From Jacqueline, MN

I am so looking forward to getting started, as are many potential volunteers!  I've worked as a hospice volunteer coordinator for 12 years now in 3 different states, and this is by far the most volunteer friendly volunteer training system I've seen!  (Not to mention how simple it makes it for volunteer coordinators and hospice agencies!)   Thank you!

From Ginne, Volunteer Coordinator,  ND

 ... we had our first potential volunteer begin yesterday. She really liked the ease of viewing the training and thought the information was great.  I loved the fact that she could start her training at her convenience and the time she and I spent together was real quality time spent getting to know one another and to answer her questions or concerns.

From Kathy, Volunteer Coordinator,  Maine

The way we used the Review gave us time for discussion.  I look forward to the next one.  I really was happy with the many topics covered.  The volunteers all (every one) expressed positive feelings about your “review” and our two hour process.  It got the more experienced volunteers charged up again. Thanks so much.

From Tracy, Volunteer Coordinator, NC

I just finished my first training with your materials and it was such a pleasure.  The training manual I inherited was a jumble of items added by each person before me.  Yours was straight forward, easy to understand for the new volunteer, but not boring for the seasoned volunteer.  I have recommended your program to a friend... She too, found the manual and workbook up to date and relevant, without being overwhelming.  Thank you for such a wonderful program and I highly recommend it, and will, to others.

From Kaye, Volunteer Coordinator, NV

The online training is working so well for us. I will still have the group/classroom training sessions twice a year, but having the online to offer, especially to the working people, is great. Thanks.

“The voice on the DVD’s is so relaxed, easy to listen to and understand.  I like having the same voice throughout so I don’t have to key in to a new voice.”

“I come from Africa and sometimes have difficulty with language here in the US.  I found that I could understand the voice and materials presented on the DVD’s.  It was much clearer and easier to follow than being in a classroom setting with other distractions.  I could focus and follow along, helping me feel confident that I will be ready to take on this new volunteer role.  I needed a little help with the language on the quizzes, but understood the materials.  I was able to complete the exams with a little help from our volunteer coordinator."

Over 1,000 Hospices across the United States have purchased our Hospice Volunteer Training Series.  Each has their own unique system of incorporating and using our materials as part of their complete training process.  If you would like to speak to a volunteer coordinator who uses our materials as part of their training, please e-mail us.

The Hospice Volunteer Training Series by Pat Carver - A SYSTEM for training hospice volunteers - on-line & in class.

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